2017-2018 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook 
    Aug 19, 2019  
2017-2018 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions

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Variable Courses

Credit Hours-Lecture-Lab

FLI -  Foreign Language Institute Courses

VAR -  Variable Credit Courses



   •  PSY-100 Psychology of Personal Adjustment
   •  PSY-110 Introduction to Psychology
   •  PSY-130 Life Span Development Psychology
   •  PSY-210 Research Methods Behav Sci
   •  PSY-220 Statistics for Behavioral Science
   •  PSY-255 Psychology of Work Behavior
   •  PSY-260 Child Psychology
   •  PSY-265 Psychology of Adolescents
   •  PSY-270 Psychology of Aging
   •  PSY-275 Consumer Psychology
   •  PSY-280 Social Psychology
   •  PSY-285 Abnormal Psychology