2018-2019 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook 
    Aug 26, 2019  
2018-2019 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions

If you’re seeking individual course requirements pertaining to electives, the Course Filter below will assist in narrowing your search.

Variable Courses

FLI -  Foreign Language Institute Courses

VAR -  Variable Credit Courses


Missouri Higher Education Core Transfer Curriculum - Core 42

MOTR - Core 42 Transfer Curriculum  




   •  MTH-210 Statistical Methods
   •  MTH-215 Algebraic Structures
   •  MTH-230 Linear Algebra
   •  MTH-240 Analytic Geometry and Calculus III
   •  MTH-241 Differential Equations

Machine Tool Technology

   •  MTT-125 Machine Shop I
   •  MTT-135 Computer Numerical Control I
   •  MTT-145 Computer Aided Manufacturing I
   •  MTT-155 Machine Tool Processes I
   •  MTT-225 Machine Shop II
   •  MTT-235 Computer Numerical Control II
   •  MTT-245 Computer Aided Manufacturing II
   •  MTT-255 Machine Tool Processes II
   •  MTT-290 Co-operative Education/Internship


   •  MUS-101 Music of the World
   •  MUS-102 Music Therapy Orientation
   •  MUS-105 Western Music Appreciation
   •  MUS-106 Jazz Appreciation
   •  MUS-110 Music Fundamentals
   •  MUS-115 Introduction to Songwriting
   •  MUS-120 Theory and Musicianship I
   •  MUS-121 Theory and Musicianship II
   •  MUS-126 Sight Singing and Ear Training II
   •  MUS-130 Piano I - For Music Major
   •  MUS-131 Piano Class II
   •  MUS-132 Piano I for Non-Music Majors
   •  MUS-134 Voice Class I
   •  MUS-135 Choir I
   •  MUS-136 Voice Class II
   •  MUS-140 Small Ensemble
   •  MUS-150 Guitar Class I
   •  MUS-151 Guitar Class II
   •  MUS-201 Latin-American Music
   •  MUS-220 Theory and Musicianship III
   •  MUS-221 Theory and Musicianship IV
   •  MUS-230 Piano Class III
   •  MUS-235 OTC Concert Choir
   •  MUS-236 OTC Chamber Singers

Networking Technology

   •  NET-100 Introduction to Networking
   •  NET-102 Mng Personal Comp Systems
   •  NET-104 Network Communications and Cabling
   •  NET-105 Fundamentals of IT
   •  NET-110 Windows Client-Server
   •  NET-112 The Linux Operating System
   •  NET-116 Cisco Routing and Switching - Introduction to Networks
   •  NET-202 Information Technology Security
   •  NET-205 Network Virtualization and Storage Concepts
   •  NET-206 Cisco CCNA - Routing and Switching Essentials
   •  NET-216 Cisco CCNA - Scaling and Connecting Networks
   •  NET-245 Home Automation Technology
   •  NET-260 Advanced Networking Systems
   •  NET-280 Emerging Trends in IT
   •  NET-290 Co-Operative Education/Internship
   •  NET-291 Computer Clinic Internship I

Nursing—Practical Nursing

   •  NUR-101 Personal Vocational Concepts
   •  NUR-110 Fundamentals of Nursing I
   •  NUR-120 Fundamentals of Nursing II
   •  NUR-205 Adult Medical-Surgical I
   •  NUR-215 Adult Med Sur II-I.V. Therapy
   •  NUR-225 Maternal and Pediatric Nursing
   •  NUR-230 Community/Mental Health Nur
   •  NUR-240 Management

Occupational Therapy Assistant

   •  OTA-100 Occupational Therapy Foundations
   •  OTA-105 Document & Reimbursement OTA
   •  OTA-110 Musculoskeletal Structure and Function
   •  OTA-115 Neuromuscular Mvmt Analysis
   •  OTA-120 Therapeutic Media
   •  OTA-130 Neurological Structure and Function
   •  OTA-150 Human Development in Occupational Therapy
   •  OTA-200 Therapeutic Design
   •  OTA-205 Task Analysis I
   •  OTA-210 Occupational Therapy in Early Development
   •  OTA-211 Practicum I
   •  OTA-215 Therapeutic Intervent&Adapt I
   •  OTA-220 Group Dynamics
   •  OTA-222 Evidence-Based Practice for the OTA I
   •  OTA-225 Conditions in Occupational Therapy I
   •  OTA-235 Screen And Assessment OTA I
   •  OTA-240 Occupational Therapy in Physical Dysfunction
   •  OTA-241 Practicum II
   •  OTA-245 Task Analysis II
   •  OTA-250 Occupational Therapy in Adult Development
   •  OTA-255 Therapeutic Interventions and Adaptations II
   •  OTA-260 OT in Outpatient Settings
   •  OTA-265 Screening and Assessment for the OTA II
   •  OTA-270 Prof Development Seminar
   •  OTA-275 Conditions in Occupational Therapy II
   •  OTA-276 Emerging Practice and Special Issues in OT
   •  OTA-280 Evidence-Based Practice for the OTA II
   •  OTA-285 Practicum III
   •  OTA-286 Practicum IV

Orientation to College

   •  OTC-101 Navigating College


   •  PHL-101 Introduction to Philosophy
   •  PHL-105 Introduction to Ethics
   •  REL-100 Intro Religions Of The World
   •  REL-101 Intro to Old Testament
   •  REL-102 Intro to New Testament


   •  PHY-101 Survey of the Physical Sciences
   •  PHY-105 Introduction to Physics
   •  PHY-110 Introduction to Geology

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