2016-2017 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook 
    May 18, 2024  
2016-2017 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Fresh Start

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Students returning to OTC after an absence of three years or longer, with a cumulative OTC GPA of less than 2.0, may apply for Academic Fresh Start in order to recover from a deficient GPA. Academic Fresh Start will be limited to those cases in which the student’s prior record does not reflect his/her current maturity with respect to motivation, attitude and ability.

The following conditions apply to all students seeking Academic Fresh Start:

  1. Academic Fresh Start will be granted only once.
  2. Academic Fresh Start will apply to OTC coursework only; this excludes all transfer credits.
  3. A student must not have been enrolled in any coursework at OTC, excluding Continuing Education courses, for a period of at least three consecutive years.
  4. Academic Fresh Start will apply to all OTC coursework attempted prior to the three-year absence. This coursework cannot be used to meet any academic requirement (i.e. graduation, prerequisite and certification).
  5. Coursework completed prior to the three-year absence will remain on the student’s transcript but will not be calculated into the student’s cumulative GPA.
  6. Upon re-enrolling at OTC, the student must complete 15 hours of college credits (excluding pass/fail courses) with a GPA of 2.50 or better before beginning the application process.
  7. The student has no outstanding debt to the college.
  8. Academic Fresh Start does NOT remedy a student’s financial aid satisfactory academic progress (SAP) status, such as Warning, Probation or Over the Maximum Timeframe.

To apply for Academic Fresh Start, the student must submit the following to the Office of the Registrar:

  1. A completed Academic Fresh Start application (obtained at the Office of the Registrar).
  2. A written request which includes an explanation of how previous grades are negatively affecting future educational goals and an explanation as to how your motivation, attitude and ability have changed since your return to OTC.
  3. The Office of the Registrar will present all submitted paperwork to the Academic Review Committee. The committee will review the application and submitted paperwork and notify the student in writing of its decision within 30 days after the committee meets.

Academic Fresh Start is an OTC initiative and may not be recognized by other colleges or universities upon transfer.