2016-2017 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook 
    May 17, 2024  
2016-2017 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Involuntary Medical Leave

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When a student’s health challenges preclude successful completion of his/her academic course work, the student may be withdrawn from all course work. Normally, a Withdrawal from college will result from the student’s voluntary efforts. In exceptional circumstances involving imminently-threatening behaviors, a student may be required to leave the college involuntarily until such threatening circumstances have been resolved. In accordance with college policy and applicable federal and state laws, a student whose behavior or health status meets the established criteria may be subject to an Involuntary Medical Leave.

Involuntary Medical Leave Procedures

If it becomes evident, through observed behavior or report(s) from faculty, staff or students, that a withdrawal from the college may be in the best interest of a student and the college, and the student does not agree, then the following procedures will be engaged:

  1. The Dean of Students will consult with the Behavioral Intervention Team and will review all available information obtained from incident reports, conversations with appropriate faculty and staff, and the expert opinions of appropriate medical and mental health professionals.
  2. The Dean will engage in a determination on an individualized, case-by-case basis and will apply the Direct Threat Analysis, taking into consideration the nature, duration and severity of the risk and the likelihood, imminence and nature of future harmful conduct.
  3. The Dean will meet with the student, if possible, so as to allow an opportunity for the student to provide evidence to the contrary and/or to make suggestions for reasonable accommodation(s) short of involuntary medical leave from the college.
  4. If, after discussion, the student chooses to withdraw voluntarily, a Withdrawal Form will be processed indicating that the withdrawal is voluntary and of a medical nature.
  5. If, after discussion, the student maintains that he/she would like to remain enrolled, the Dean will consult with appropriate medical and mental health professionals regarding the evidence presented by the student. The Dean will also consult with the college Chancellor, the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and other college officials as appropriate.
  6. The Dean will render a decision and present that to the student in writing. Should the decision be to withdraw the student involuntarily, appropriate conditions for return will be contained within the withdrawal letter. These conditions for return will include a signed release by the student for appropriate college officials to discuss the student’s readiness to return to college and assistance in developing reasonable accommodations to mitigate any direct threat to others.
  7. Should the student choose to appeal the Dean’s decision, he/she will make such appeal in writing to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs following the procedures outlined in this Student Handbook.